• Installation

    You will see how to install SetLinuxVM on your Windows Server 2012. But you would also be able to install on Windows Server 2008 R2.

  • How it works?

    You will see how SetLinuxVM works and how you can prepare Linux virtual machines with SetLinuxVM by changing hostname of VM.

  • How to install LIS?

    You will see how to install Hyper-V Linux IS on Windows Server 2012. It just install LIS v3.2 at the moment.

  • How to extend LVM?

    You will see how to extend Linux VM's LVM to maximum free space with SetLinuxVM. But SetLinuxVM couldn't expand VHD disk space.

  • How to start Web Access?

    You will see how to start SetLinuxVM Web Access which called SetLinuxVMWA. It's a web control panel for SetLinuxVM.

  • How Web Access works?

    You will how SetLinuxVM Web Access works and how you could use it to prepare Linux VMs via SetLinuxVM Web Access.